For many years the size and complexity of the wheat, barley and rye genomes have hampered the development of genomics and its application to produce Triticeae crops with improved composition and characteristics. Recently, however, new and more efficient scientific capabilities and resources have been developed that allows robust genomic programs to be established for the Triticeae.

TriticeaeGenome project (Genomics for Triticeae improvement) is designed to achieve significant progresses in Triticeae genomics and support efficient breeding of improved varieties for the European agriculture. This European project was launched on 1st June 2008, for a duration of 4 years, and mobilises 14 European research institutes and 2 industrial partners, from 9 different countries. TriticeaeGenome will receive 5.3 million Euros in funding over a four-year period, from the 7th European Union Framework Programme under the "Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Biotechnology" priority.

Last news and informations

Dec-2012 - TriticeaeGenome in FIG journal

"Integrating cereal genomics to support innovation in the Triticeae"

Oct-2012 - TriticeaeGenome project final report

TriticeaeGenome project report on the results obtained the 4 project years

May-16-2012 - TriticeaeGenome final meeting in Versailles, France

The TG final meeting will be organised on May 14-15-16, 2012 in Versailles (France)

7 europa  This project is supported by the European Commission
   under the 7th Framework Programme
   for Research and Technological Development