WP 1 - Establishment of genomic resources for physical mapping of wheat

WP Leader: Dr. Catherine Feuillet (INRA, E-mail: catherine.feuillet@clermont.inra.fr)

The overall objective of WP1 is to establish the genomic resources needed to construct physical maps of 6 chromosomes from group 1 and 3 (WP2) for wheat and barley, isolate genes of interest (WP3) such as disease resistance, yield and quality traits, and develop markers for breeding (WP4) in the most cost effective manner.

In plants, most of measurable characters are not defined by the expression of one gene but controlled by several chromosomal areas containing one or several genes. These areas are called QTL (Quantitative Trait Loci).

Researchers will construct banks of DNA fragments (BAC libraries), fingerprint the BACs and assemble them with the help of bioinformatics and molecular tools in physical maps representing the chromosomes.

WP1 aims to:

  1. construct BAC libraries from flow-sorted wheat chromosome arms,
  2. fingerprint all the BAC clones,
  3. assemble the BACs into contigs (assembling overlapping sequenced fragments) using existing software (FPC) and/or new programs (WP5),
  4. create pools of the libraries based on the minimal tiling path as well as pool plates for efficient anchoring by PCR screening with markers (WP2) and
  5. perform BAC end sequencing to provide about 6 Mb of sequence per chromosome arm in wheat for marker development (for use in WP2 and WP4).


At the end of the 3rd project year, WP1 is completely achieved with the following significant results:



D1.1: Construction of BAC libraries 3Bv2/3DS/3DL/1BS/1BL/1AS/1AL (Month 18) available

D1.2: Contig assembly of 3B and 3DL (Month 12)

D1.3: Contig assembly of 3DS (Month 18)

D1.4: Contig assembly of 1BS and 1BL (Month 24)

D1.5: Contig Assembly of 1AS and 1AL

D1.6: Rearranging DNA according to the MTP for BAC end sequencing and 3D-pooling, Plate-pooling for each wheat BAC libraries; 3D-pools from the MTP  of the barley BAC library (Month 30) available

D1.7: BAC end sequencing (Month 42) available





Other WPs:


7 europa  This project is supported by the European Commission
   under the 7th Framework Programme
   for Research and Technological Development